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Teaching about Pervasive Systems

PS is responsible for the teaching of Bachelor, Master, and post graduate courses and projects in the area of pervasive systems, its foundations and applications. The group is responsible for and contributes to courses as part of:

  • The Bachelor/Master curricula of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Creative Technology
  • The national master curriculum "Embedded Systems".

Teaching is firmly anchored in the group's research as described in the previous section. Topics include hardware and systems architecture, hardware/software co-design, context- and location awareness, and application case studies. (just to name a few, needs to be edited).

Readings for some courses are taken from recent research literature, as no textbook is available. Several courses involve design projects pursued by teams of two to four students; these projects are usually related to ongoing research projects within the group.

Specifically, the group contributes to the following existing and future courses: